Data strategy, Analytics and Decision Support

An M&A transaction is one of the most significant decisions for a company.  Yet in many cases decision-makers are forced to take action in these stressful situations with a lot less information and insight than they would like. Even in situations where they have access to vast amounts of data, they often lack the time, tools, and expertise to make sense of it.

DSG solutions effectively combine data and analytical expertise to provide a sound basis for business decisions. We bring together expertise in business processes, business and investment analytics, and technology to deliver dramatic impact across the enterprise. We have improved decision speed often to hours and minutes from days and weeks and have created 5-8 x new value as a result of our business insights solutions.

What We Do

Build Strong, Secure Data Warehouses and Data Marts

We work with existing data to create a data warehouse either in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWSTM) or private data solutions on-or-off-premise.  We would provide turnkey services to your staff after setting up the warehouse.  Our goal is to provision clean, consistent, simple and reliable management information to your organization.   Our mission is to improve the performance, reliability and simplicity of your reporting systems.

Data Visualization – Charting and Dashboarding to Further Understanding

Our data visualization techniques help the organization understand and communicate both internal and external information more effectively.  We use advance design constructs and technologies like SPSS, Tableau and Signavio to help our clients vault data bloat, separating the signal from the noise and enabling performance.

Insightful, Cross-functional Analytics

We materially assist deal teams and operating groups with predictive analytical models and implementation towards a faster integration

We provide predictive analytical tools which include cash and working capital forecasting, close to reporting metrics and measurements, revenue forecasting, price elasticity, customer segmentation and channel analysis, customer churn, and survey analysis

Data Science and Statistical Solutions

We field sophisticated data sourcing technologies to seamlessly integrate data across multiple sources and formats.   We automatically gather information from portfolio company systems, proprietary research, industry news, and regulatory filings to provide comprehensive reporting and scenario modelling.  Our statistical tools allow a better analysis of new channels, markets and pricing strategy for our clients.

We can help you with

    • Create systematic data driven decision support for your organization, utilizing multiple data-sources and effective business scenarios.


    • Provide actionable intelligence that become an integral part of the decision-making process enabling teams to analyze opportunities and isolate risks quickly.


    • Improve performance management and monitoring by including new criteria and metrics in investment decisions.


    • Allow for the use of big data sets in financial analysis and ongoing management performance


    • Empower analysts to understand and derive insights from disparate data sets using visual interactive tools, charts, and graphs.
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