Maximize Value Throughout the Portfolio Life-cycle

Private equity firms increasingly are asking their portfolio companies to generate profitable growth. A key path to such growth is improving sales and marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

DSG has helped numerous private equity firms make rapid improvements in the sales and marketing organizations of their portfolio companies, ones that have boosted revenue as much as 20% and made unprofitable businesses profitable in 1-2 years – without having to launch new products or services.

What We Do

Both the science and art of performance improvement

We combine a highly quantitative approach to dissecting the profitability problems of  organizations with a qualitative approach to introducing beneficial change, and leveraging core strength to grow opportunities.

Operational skills to implement our recommendations

We can help portfolio companies institute the changes they must make – from designing change programs and information reporting to augmenting the finance and operations teams.

Cross-industry experience

We have transformed the finance and accounting organizations of companies in a range of industries, from manufacturing and high-tech to health care and consumer packaged goods.

A deep well of finance, sales and marketing expertise

Gained from nearly 15 years of focusing solely on financial planning & analysis – strategy, organizational design, operations, compensation, information management and technology.

We can help you with

  • Galvanize revenue and profits of portfolio companies
  • Determine the optimal size, efficiency, effectiveness, and the competencies of finance and accounting professionals.  Our unique skills drive better synergies between sales, marketing and finance
  • Identify, articulate and implement changes to substantially boost sales leads, close rates, and customer retention. Our assessments explicitly identify issues, the steps in solving them, and the financial returns of doing so.
  • Rigorously evaluate the returns on potential capital investments such as opening a plant, business-line and new sales / marketing campaigns.
  • In due diligence, we can rigorously assess and identify the best growth opportunities and the finance, accounting, sales and marketing capabilities of a potential acquisition.
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