Timely, Executive Governance

Interim Executive Directors

A C level transition can lead to one of the most vexing periods for a company.  Funder, staff concerns and customer confusion often take the organization off-course and can stall out the success of even the best organizations.

However, when professionally managed, a CXO transition can be one of the most valuable periods of time in a company’s life cycle.  Important new approaches can be explored, alliances and merger opportunities can be investigated, and the board can reconnect with critical stakeholders through the transition process.

An interim not only stabilizes the organization through the transition, but also provides the board with the time needed to carefully examine the aspirations and direction of the organization so that the new leader can effectively move the organization forward.

Having an Interim Executive Director allows the organization the space and stability necessary to meaningfully address issues so that the new Executive Director inherits a stable organization. Often our Interim Directors provide additional services such as strategic planning, search support and organizational development. When we don’t ourselves provide the service, we can usually identify and recommend other consultants that can work on issues that need to be addressed during the transition.

Using an Interim Executive Director sends a signal of strength and continuity to your owners, funders, community, staff and other stakeholders.

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