Human Centered, Effective Due Diligence

Acquisition Integration

Our approach is centered on client collaboration, rigorous analysis, detailed operating plans, well founded timetables, and results that are achievable and actionable, resulting in corporate accountability and integration success.

We believe that having a PMO is vital to the success of the integration.  The PMO acts as an independent facilitator that is responsible for coordinating individual integration project teams and overall progress.  The PMO monitors progress to ensure that integration strategy is executed an all milestones and goals are achieved as planned.  Our goal is to add-value while minimizing disruptions to you day-to-day business.

  • Provide collaborative structure to manage and oversee integration process with objective of enabling acquirer to continue to focus on operations
  • Develop detailed First 100 Days plan
  • Assess the feasibility of integration project plans, benchmarks and timetables
  • Evaluate the functions of both entities to determine best practices
  • Develop post-close communication plan to convey management credibility, stability, continuity, and transparency

Value Realization

Our experts have long track records both consulting to and working within companies across multiple industry sectors. We leverage this experience to help you assess and quantify the feasibility of achieving proposed synergies and the risks to shareholder value creation should the combined entity fail to do so.

Our deal execution services, utilize proprietary, proven integration tools, templates and processes from our broad experience conducting post-merger integration projects. As a consequence they are both grounded in realistic benchmarks from past experience, and highly actionable should you chose to go through with the acquisition and seek to rapidly execute on the plan.

  • Review/ co-develop synergy projections and scenarios with management of both companies
  • Conduct targeted research and analysis to understand industry trends and benchmark the projections vs. industry and company norms and current/ projected performance
  • Develop synergy model to assess key drivers and assumptions; sensitize estimates; and identify potential risks to achieving targets
  • Provide estimates of transition/ restructuring costs necessary to achieve synergies and analyze the likely returns on these investments
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