Agile and Thorough Due Diligence


My team and I have a proven record of providing advisory services to many private equity firms, banks, and corporate clients.  Most of our Senior Deal Professionals have come from investment banks, Big 4 firms, or held senior executive positions within industry.

Because we do not have any audit related conflicts or service limitations, we have the ability to provide comprehensive diligence services including financial projections, sensitivity analyses, and first-year EBITDA assessments.  We have the ability to “stay with the deal” with the intent to help clients create and capture value.

  • Assess the quality and sustainability of the company’s historical earnings/ performance
  • Evaluate projected financial performance and underlying sensitivities
  • Analyze working capital including seasonality, closing and projected levels
  • Evaluate net assets and consider off balance sheet and other potential liabilities
  • Identify relevant integration challenges
  • Assist with purchase negotiation process

Operational Excellence

My team and I have deep commercial diligence experience serving some of the world’s largest Private Equity companies and corporations. We work hand in hand industry specialists, many of whom have held executive level positions in their respective sectors. As a result we are able to deliver high quality, investor/ lender friendly outputs in the short timeframes our clients require.

From a functional perspective, we are not hindered by conflicts or service restrictions, meaning we can help you build models to assess the alternate future growth scenarios for the business and the key drivers and assumptions that are likely to impact the quality of the projected earnings.

  • Evaluate market attractiveness and competitive positioning
  • Assess sources and sustainability of competitive advantage and revenue / margins
  • Identify customer needs and obtain feedback as necessary
  • Challenge or validate management forecasts, business plan and financial models
  • Conduct econometric analysis to understand the impact of macro-economic trends and drivers on historic and projected revenue growth

Operational Due Diligence

Our team is small but seasoned with specific industry expertise and offers real-world experience and perspective on the current state effectiveness and efficiency of the target’s operations.  We can evaluate resources and capabilities, current and planned capital improvements and other initiatives, from a cost, timing and achievability perspective – typically based on deep, specific industry experience in the given sector

We can advise our clients on operational risks, scalability and post deal opportunities.  We can work alongside our clients and or other consultants to create value post deal helping to manage or prioritize initiatives.

  • Evaluate value chain procedures and processes to identify risks, performance gaps, and potential for improvement
  • Assess supplier landscape and dynamics
  • Benchmark processes to best practices
  • Evaluate organization structure and management capabilities
  • Assess systems and infrastructure to identify capabilities, integration challenges, and future investment needs
  • Identify key deal issues and opportunities
  • Determine business plan implications and impact on projections

IT Due Diligence

We provide pre and post transaction IT diligence and integration services, tailored to suit individual client’s challenges, to help ensure that IT is a successful enabler for the transaction lifecycle.

We regularly work with both corporate and private equity investors, on both the buy and sell-side of transactions, and on IPOs. We have a dedicated IT Due Diligence team and bring in specific technical and industry experts for each transaction from our extensive technology consulting business.

We work either as part of a combined diligence team, together with our financial, tax, operational, commercial, risk, cyber and other diligence colleagues, or on a standalone basis for our clients.

Core IT Diligence: We assess the reliability and scope and opportunities arising from IT applications, processes, infrastructure and teams, and how well they meet current and future business.

Synergies Realization: We assist clients in the assessment and quantification of IT synergies to develop robust synergy cases that can stand up to private and public reporting if required.

Systems Comparators:  We provide product due diligence services, reviewing the capabilities of IT products versus claimed benefits, competitors’ offerings and against new technology capabilities

Transitional Services:  We review Transitional Service Agreement design, construction, costing, dependency and risks, and help create them for sell-side situations.

Integration And Separation Support And Planning: We help clients realize the intended benefits, identifying risks, barriers and enablers

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